Kosovo philharmonic orchestra is established after the last war in Kosovo in the year 2000 with the initiative of some distinguished Kosovar musicians. Initially it started as a string ensemble and latter as a chamber orchestra but with no doubt it represents the continuation of the ex – Symphonic Orchestra of the Radio Television of Prishtina who’s activity was ceased forcibly in 1990 by Serbian regime. After the consolidation of the state institutions the Kosovo Philharmonic is supported through the Minsitry of Culture by financing it’s concerts and other regular activities. The Philharmonic Orchestra performed many symphonic and operatic concerts within the regular annual seasons. The repertoire of its performances included world known and Albanian composers of all styles and orientations. Many soloists performed accompanied by the Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra such as: Inva Mula, Ermonela Jaho, Tedi Papavrami, Pavel Vernikov, Kevin Kenner, Sihana Badivuku, Antonio Gashi, Venera Kajtazi, Lejla Pula, Kian Soltani, Petrit Çeku, Luka Sulic, Segei Nakariakov etc while It had the privilege of collaborating with conductors such as: Bahri Çela, Toshio Yanagisawa, Pavle Deshpali, Ermir Krantja, Li Fi Fi, Marcio da Silva, Boian Videnoff, Alexander Prior, Baki Jashari, Peter Lukas Graf, Desar Sulejmani, Robert Lehrbaumer, Claudio Buchler, Bajar Berisha, Denis Shapovalov, Rene Gulikers, Nayden Todorov, Nathalie Marin, Bujar Llapaj, Hakan Sensoy etc.